Probe Cash Book is a computerised bookkeeping system to keep track of your payments and receipts...

Designed and developed by a Chartered Accountant specifically for New Zealand small to medium size businesses and farmers registered on the GST payments basis.

The computerised system replaces the traditional manual 14 column cash book. However, if you are familar with this manual system you will already be aware of some of the inherent problems of cross balancing and reconciling to bank statements. Probe Cash Book not only simplifies this process, but now with the ability to import transactions downloaded from internet banking this procedure is even easier than before.

Furthermore, Probe Cash Book will automatically produce your GST Return, including the automatic calculation of most private use income and capital item adjustments as set out in the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department GST Guide without having to further manipulate the data.

The system does not require much bookkeeping knowledge as you are only taking the figures to a cash trial balance stage, and leaving all the annual balance date entries for your accountant. Nevertheless, if the cash transactions have been prepared accurately, and reconcilied to your bank statements then this should aid your accountant with the preparation of your end of year financial statements.

Probe Cash Book (Version 2.4) can only be purchased as a fully featured system and includes the following...

Allows you to keep several separate cash book data files on the one computerised cash book system.

A simple process to create new cash book data files, with also an option for you to copy the account codes from another Probe Cash Book data file on your system.

With the advent of Internet Banking you can now download your Bankstatement transactions in electronic format and import these directly into Probe Cash Book (limited to some New Zealand Banks). This means all you have to do is code the transactions. The system can even remember some transactions such as Automatic Payments so they come through precoded. What could be easier.

The "Data Input" screen gives you all the information at your finger tips with the use of drop down list boxes.

Data entry has virtually unlimited multiple analysis, which allows you to dissect a payment or receipt to various ledger account code classifications.

GST codes are user definable and are linked to your account codes to automatically calculate the GST component.

Both the GST code or the GST amount can be over ridden for any transaction.

A list of suppliers names can be maintained to help speed up data entry, and these suppliers can also be linked to a default account code to assist you with transaction entry. eg your telephone suppliers name can be set up so that any entries associated with that name automatically default to your telephone ledger account code.

Account code help is a memo field for you to keep notes on specific account codes to assist you with the correct and consistent classification of transaction entry. These notes are displayed when an account code is selected during transaction entry.

Data entry also provides for units and is suitable for entering quantities for farmers livestock sales and purchases.

Multiple financial years are kept on line. There is no balance forward routine, you just keep adding financial years based on your balance date as they are required.

Supports multiple bank accounts.

It is a simple to process to balance your bank reconciliation. Just enter the closing balance from your bank statement and then tick off the transactions in the order they appear on your bank statement by double clicking on the entries. After all entries on the bank statement have been ticked off, your bank account should now be reconciled as shown below.

Then with a couple of clicks of the mouse, the New Zealand Goods and Services Tax Return is then produced on the payments basis, and can be set up to automatically calculate the private use income and capital use adjustments. The GST return produced by the system closely resembles the actual New Zealand Inland Revenue Department form...

Comprehensive reporting.

Chart your results graphically.



Payment of Accounts is provided by either printing on standard bank two-to-view cheque forms, or creating a Direct Credit Schedule on floppy disk (limited to some New Zealand Banks). Including the printing of payment advice slips and DL-E envelopes.

Budgeting with actual replacing budget and variance reports.

Export year to date and monthly figures to Excel.

Export of transactions to your accountant by email or on floppy disk formatted for the following Chartered Accountant systems
        APS Professional Accounting
        MYOB Accountants Office
        Global Client Accounting
        Solution6 MAS4

Send the data file to your accountant by email.

On line Help

Easy installation of software

Has a built in Backup system that zips up your data file.

Probe Cash Book - Import Transactions from Internet Banking...

Allows you to import bankstatement transactions downloaded in csv (comma separated values) file format from an internet banking site. Currently the system is limited to the following New Zealand banks:
        ANZ Bank
        ASB Bank
        BNZ Bank
        National Bank
        TSB Bank
        Westpac Bank

The following screen allows you to manage the transactions imported before they are uploaded to the Data Entry screen.

The transactions can be memorised based on the details in the particulars field so that when they are uploaded to Data Entry they come through precoded.

The uploaded transactions now only require to be coded or split analysed as the dates, any references, amounts and details are already updated.

Not only do you benefit from not having to key in all that information, but because the data is taken directly from the banking system it eliminates punching errors and makes your bank reconciliation process even easier.


Probe Cash Book - Budgeting...

Allows you to maintain a 12 monthly cash flow budget and monitor it against monthly and year to date actual results.

There are several built in function buttons that assist you in entering a budget, including importing last year's actuals and percentage increase adjustments.

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