Probe Payroll is a computerised system to simplify the process to maintain accurate wage records...

Designed specifically for New Zealand small to medium size businesses and farmers.

The Probe Payroll is an ideal solution for calculating employees pays for payrolls with between 1 to 20 employees.

Furthermore, Probe Payroll will produce your PayDay csv files for the Inland Revenue Department which can be submitted electronically using MyIR.

Probe Payroll also helps keep track of your employees holiday and other leave details.


Probe Payroll (Version 19.0) can only be purchased as a fully featured system which allows for pay calculations to 31st March 2020, and includes the following...

    Allows you to maintain several payrolls on the one computerised payroll system.

    A simple process to create new payroll data files, with also an option for you to copy the pay types from another Probe Payroll data file on your system.

    The "Payslip Input" screen gives you all the information at your finger tips with the use of drop down list boxes.

Payslip Input also shows a summary of the pay calculation as changes are made including updated PAYE and KiwiSaver calculations.

PAYE and KiwiSaver deductions are automatically calculated for each employee and can be over ridden.

Standard pays can be set up for individual employees.

Multiple PAYE years are kept on line. There is no balance forward routine, you just keep adding PAYE years after you have upgraded the software each year.

Allows for New and Departing Employees, Employer Information, and amendments to previously submitted Employer Information to be sent to the Inland Revenue Department electronically using the csv file upload facility in MyIR.

Built in reminder system so you will not forget any future changes required to your payroll.

Keep track of your employees leave entitlements.

Comprehensive reporting.

Chart your results graphically.

Provides for non cash remuneration calculations. eg a free house provided to a farm employee.

KiwiSaver and calculation of Employer's Superannuation Contribution Tax (ESCT).

Payroll Giving.

Employee Share Schemes.

On line Help

Easy installation of software


The annual upgrade cost of $115.00 including GST will also provide updates for any changes to the PAYE rates during the current year.

Has a built in Backup system that zips up your data file.

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